IMG_6613A special privilege given to the senior class at Starpoint is to participate on the school’s
robotics team. Taught by the technology
instructor, students learn about robotics while practicing for a competition in the FIRST LEGO League, or FFL.

In the FFL, teams of up to ten children are given specific problems and are tasked to solve them using robots constructed out of LEGO bricks. The FFL holds an annual tournament where teams’ designs are brought together and all efforts are evaluated on their creativity and effectiveness.

The FFL’s goal is to engage students in lessons of teamwork, collaboration, and thinking outside of the box, while aiming toIMG_7448 spark a passion for science and technology in young students’ minds. While tournaments are competitively based, they are all about bringing new ideas
together and having fun.

Starpoint has had much success in the FFL and its students have benefited greatly from the myriad lessons and skills learned. For more information on the FFL, visit their website at