Part of the TCU Community

12108889_10204944049552052_5056288569600222513_nStarpoint is certainly a part of the TCU community at large as it takes advantage of many of the facilities, events, and other opportunities found on campus. When a learning opportunity is present, faculty and staff members capitalize on it, engaging Starpoint students in unique experiences.

TCU has a wide variety of traditions on campus which include Starpoint students. Every holiday season, TCU holds a Christmas tree lighting in its Campus Commons, which is an event beloved by all students. Starpoint students have been featured in the event, leading some of the presentations with live reindeer.

Around Halloween, Starpoint students can be found trick-or-treating in costume around the
various buildings on campus. TCU faculty and staff members have candy at their offices and classrooms, welcoming the students onto the main campus.IMG_2412

In physical education, students are often brought to the University Recreation Center, where they participate in the state-of-the-art rock wall. In the hotter months, students are also brought to the Rec Center’s pool, allowing them to enjoy the weather and experience a new take on physical education.

As rewards for different honors at Starpoint, students are given a lunch in TCU’s only cafeteria, Market Square. Students are able to eat amongst the college students and live the life of a Horned Frog, which truly makes it a unique experienIMG_6500ce.