Community Service

IMG_1332Starpoint students are able to engage in
different community service projects throughout the year. Either partnered with TCU or conducted through Starpoint itself, students are able to give back to the Dallas-Fort Worth community in a variety of ways.

These community service opportunities provide valuable learning opportunities that cannot be obtained inside of the classroom. Students are also given the ability to “own” many of the projects, making decisions on the specific logistics and directions involved. These can be
valuable leadership opportunities as the students are able to see the tangible results of their hard work come to be.

One of the main community service efforts is the “Can-struction” project which is a part of TCU’s campus-wide Hunger Week. Different teams around TCU compete in Community Service 1creating different buildings, scenes, and structures, all out of canned goods. The goods are later donated to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, which helps local families in need.

Starpoint has also conducted various drives which benefit a wide variety of people in the area. Book drives, coat drives, and pet food drives have all been completed, each giving Starpoint students a unique take on community service.