Traditional Subjects

Traditional Subjects 2Starpoint has unique approaches to each academic subject that allow students with all styles of learning to succeed. A wide
variety of strategies are used in each class, helping students retain information and develop sustainable learning skills.


The approach to mathematics at Starpoint uses “spiraling curricula,” in which content builds on itself and key topics are revisited throughout the year. In this way, students are able to reestablish important skills, helping the content resonate.

Language Arts

Starpoint also uses spiraling curricula within reading, English, and language arts, allowing students to see the wide variety of uses for different skills in literature and everyday language. Further, much of the language arts content uses a phonics-based approach which helps students understand the meaning of different words despite any reading or spelling differences.

Science and Social Studies

Traditional Subjects 1These subjects employ a variety of hands-on learning styles. This approach allows for more practical learning, helping students apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Continuing with this, tests given in class always have a hands-on, performance-based aspect to them. Upper-level students also use textbooks, as to show how textbook-based and performance-based learning can coincide.