The Starpoint Approach

Children aged six to twelve with learning differences and/or attention deficits that interfere with academic progress attend Starpoint School. The curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of each child and includes the traditional academic subjects – language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and physical education. Starpoint enhances its learning experiences, though, with nontraditional subjects such as art, music, and technology.

A distinctive feature of the Starpoint curriculum is an emphasis on organizational and study skill acquisition. Further, faculty members aim to introduce consistency across all academic lessons, helping students apply techniques that they learn across all of their classes.

Starpoint, contrary to most other elementary schools, features no specific grade levels and students are instead grouped based off of their specific needs. Students are, however, divided into Primary and Intermediate Schools.

Primary School

The focus of the Primary School at Starpoint is to bring students in and set a foundation for their academic success. Students are given techniques on how to build their self-esteem and how to carry themselves in a classroom setting. As with most elementary schools, students are contained to mostly one instructor and one group of students throughout the day.

Intermediate School

The Intermediate School is focused on preparing its students to be successful in their years following Starpoint. Different study skills and in-class behaviors are developed to allow students to thrive in any academic setting. Classes are departmentalized with different instructors for each subject, which reflects the environment they will enter in the coming years.