Integrated Subjects

Nontraditional Subjects 1Starpoint also utilizes a variety of integrated subjects to help students learn in new ways. Many of these subjects also serve as an equalizer for the students, helping them defy any personal learning difficulties found in typical classrooms.


With the growing emphasis of technology in our world today, Starpoint students are given much exposure to emerging innovations. With a faculty member dedicated to teaching the class, students are given a leg up on their peers when using technology. It also helps make many of the students’ everyday tasks that are affected by a learning difference much less tedious.

Physical Education

Starpoint uses an “Adapted Physical Education” approach which focuses on building motor skills as well as valuable collaborative and team-building strategies. A dedicated staff member uses a multitude of games and activities that are never focused on competition and instead emphasize coming together and learning in new ways.


Art is used at Starpoint to tap into a part of the brain not found in most traditional subjects. Art lessons are also often cross-curricular, meaning that they will go along with or reinforce lessons from another class or from a recent field trip.


Music is presented through cross-curricular workshops. The STREAMliners program is specifically designed to integrate the arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as well as TEKS, TAKS and other skills initiatives surrounding the mid – region of the United States. Learn more.