Classroom Learning

13174127_10101246464147834_2802747921547421018_nChildren ages six to eleven with learning differences and/or attention deficits that interfere with academic progress attend Starpoint School. The curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of each child and includes the traditional academic subjects – language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and physical education. Art, music and technology courses are also offered as part of the school day. A distinctive feature of the Starpoint curriculum is an emphasis on organizational and study skill acquisition.

Starpoint, contrary to most other elementary schools, features no specific grade levels and students are instead grouped based off of their specific needs. Students are, however, divided into Primary and Intermediate Schools.

Through innovative programming, students learn to compensate for their learning difficulties, build on their own strengths, develop a positive attitude about school and learning, and perform to the best of their capabilities as life long learners.