Ms. Rachel Langan

Hello and Welcome! I am excited and eager to begin my first school year as the counselor for the TCU Laboratory Schools.  I recently received my Master of Education from TCU in School and Professional Counseling and have a Bachelor of Arts from Clemson University in Early Childhood Education.

Please contact me anytime about questions or concerns.
817-257-7141 x4933


My goals are to support and promote the academic, personal and emotional growth of each student.  I will plan and implement developmental guidance lessons for all grades, and will work with students individually and in small groups based on specific needs.  I will utilize my experiences and solution-focused skills to help students recognize their strengths and work towards individual goals.



Each month will have a guidance theme and related character traits. We will work on learning about these characteristics and building our skills in these areas during classroom guidance lessons.

I will provide classroom guidance lessons each week to all grade levels. Guidance lessons may include: reading of a story or fable about the selected character trait, partner or small group work, cooperative group activities, integrative art activities, and role play.

The following days and times have been designated for classroom guidance:

1st Level: TBD
2nd Level: TBD
3rd Level: TBD
4th-5th Level (younger): TBD
5th-6th Level (older): TBD


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