Fun With FriendsFrequently Asked Questions

What is the price of tuition?

Tuition for the 2018-18 academic year is $16,200. Financial assistance is available.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

Starpoint values small class sizes with an average ratio of 10:1.

What is Starpoint’s typical school calendar?

Starpoint’s school day is from 8:00 am to 3:15 pm and recognizes typical school holidays, similar to the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Does Starpoint provide after-school care?

Starpoint does not provide after-school care, but does have numerous contacts and can make suggestions for an appropriate service provider.

Why does Starpoint have levels instead of grades?

Starpoint does not classify students into traditional grades, as it recognizes that each student is ready for different academic material, regardless of age. As to not make students feel “behind” their peers, Starpoint divides into levels and gives each student his or her necessary attention.

What happens to my student when he or she graduates from Starpoint?

Starpoint’s main goal is to prepare its students for their years after they leave the school. By aiming to help them transition into a traditional school environment, the instructors and
administration will work with each student and family to help determine the suitable next step for them. Past students have attended both public and private schools, but Starpoint assures that each student will be in his or her correct place.

What is the extent of Starpoint’s relationship with TCU?

TCU supports Starpoint in every way possible, by bringing in specialized instructors and by
providing unique opportunities on campus in which Starpoint students can participate. Any chance for a learning opportunity that takes place on campus is something of which the
Starpoint faculty and staff regularly take advantage.

Does Starpoint provide extracurricular activities?

Beyond any activities that take place as an extension of in-class lessons or as a special event on TCU’s campus, Starpoint does not provide any extracurricular activities. However, the school has many students participate and encourages students to participate in sports, dance, art, or any other activities.