Starpoint’s Missions

Starpoint has two missions. At the beginning of every school year at an all-school assembly, the students of Starpoint are informed that during the school year they will have two roles, as both students and educators. At the same time that they are learning new ways to achieve their academic goals and gain new understanding in a wide variety of subjects, they will also be helping TCU students learn to teach.

As undergraduate students observe and graduate students lead a classroom, Starpoint students will have the role of serving as valuable subjects for the educators to hone their skills. With this in mind, Starpoint has two mission statements:

  • To provide an individualized academic program to help children obtain tools to compensate for their learning difficulties, build on their own strengths, develop a positive attitude about learning, and perform to the best of their capabilities in their next educational setting.
  • To serve as an on-campus training site for TCU students within the College of Education and other university programs.